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France 1704

Marie Louise Elisabeth d’Orleans, known as Jouflotte, is the eldest granddaughter of King Louis XIV of France. The ageing king is exhausted by endless war, and running out of money. All around him, his many children and grandchildren fight constantly, pushing each other aside to gain his favour and make the best marriages for their daughters.

Young Jouflotte is a girl who likes cake, cuddling her father, and sipping wine, which no-one seems to mind. She is clever, full of questions and  kind-hearted. By the age of nine she has already driven several governesses away by refusing to work to their rules. Jouflotte listens at doors, from under tables and behind chairs, learning the plots and secrets of her ambitious relatives, and quickly comes to hate some of her family for scheming against her beloved father.

The story follows Jouflotte as she grows from a spoiled child into a young woman with ruthless enemies at court. Can she learn to fight ‘by the rules’ for her birthright, or will she and her family lose everything?

Inspired by diaries and letters of the time, this is a mostly true, sometimes sad, and often funny tale of how girls really got to marry princes at the court of Versailles. If you love wickedly funny history, you’ll enjoy Succession. Read the opening…

I’ve just finished this novel and am looking for a publisher who can bring it to young history lovers who also like to giggle.

If you’re a publisher and would like to read all of Succession just get in touch.

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