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Cordelia Codd: Not Just the Blues

One day, I, CORDELIA CODD, will be glamorous. I’ll take taxis everywhere, have a ridiculous-looking, floppy little dog, and Wednesdays will be manicure days. But for now, I’m stuck with

• a 50% reduction in parents

• two mean ex-best friends

• rubbish Wednesdays, and

• a mum with a broken heart. 

Dad has GOT to come home and help me out…

Cordelia Codd: Frankly, Ruby, I Don't Give a Damn!

Some random questions I’ve been asking myself…

• Where EXACTLY is the Middle of Nowhere?

• Why are some people so UNFRIENDLY

• When is a good time to tell your parents that you walk around IN FEAR OF YOUR LIFE?

• How will I EVER survive the real, actual TRAUMA of this TERRIBLE SUMMER OF  RUBY.

Cordelia Codd: It's Alive!

Some more random questions I’ve been asking myself…

• Where EXACTLY is your memory?

• What are the ESSENTIALS for making a zombie?

• Why are some old people so GRUMPY?

• When do I really NEED to say sorry?

• How DO you deal with a BEST FRIEND CRISIS? and

Do I HAVE to have a boyfriend?

Team Challenge

Includes my basketball story,

Team On!

Sunil loves basketball and would do anything to watch his favourite player in action. When the head teacher makes a special announcement it seems his dream might come true – but only if he can work as part of a team. Nothing could be easier…or could it?

A collection of fiction and non-fiction on the theme of working in a team

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