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A little wooden puppet learns how to become a real boy in this dark and dangerous adventure. 

My retelling of Pinocchio is very close to the original story. Meet characters you might not have known were part of this tale, like the sea ogre, the blue-haired fairy, the poodle who drives a coach made of whipped cream and biscuits, and some very grumpy rabbits.

Absolutely Awful Adults

Three funny stories in one book!

Meet some of the world’s most awful adults, like Mr McMeanie, Minister for Child Control and his horrible friend, Mrs Rattle. There’s also Mr Peacock, the vain headmaster. He wears a different, dazzling outfit every day. And then we have Mr Splatter, the worst school cook in the universe. None of these adults should be allowed within a trillion miles of delightful children like you!

A Job for George and Milo

George and Milo are desperate to earn some money to buy their comic, MegaBuzz, but can they think of a job they will be allowed to do that won’t get them into a muddle? 

Everything they try goes completely wrong until they come up with a brilliant plan, but Nathan, the class bully, is determined to ruin it for them? 


Barn Party

The Chicken Sisters invite all the animals in the farmyard to come to their party in the barn, but mean old cockerel doesn’t like the messy animals and so he makes a plan to keep them away. 

Will the other animals still want to be his friend when they find out what he’s done?

The Wind in the Willows

First it’s a new boat, then a horse-drawn caravan, then a motor car! Toad just has to have whatever is new and exciting but he doesn’t understand that he has to play by the same rules as everyone else. Luckily for him, he has some very good friends. Can they help him to become a nicer Toad? 

This highly illustrated, graphic retelling of the classic story stays true to the original and is a perfect introduction to the unstoppable Mr Toad.

The Terrifying Teacher

Mr Bloodaxe, the new teacher, is definitely in the wrong job because he’s obviously a Viking! He dresses like a Viking, eats like a Viking and comes to school in a Viking longboat. Most scary of all, he says he’s keeping a troll under the floorboards!

Can the class escape before they’re forced to become Vikings, too?

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